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Coloured Contact Lenses And Misconceptions


Coloured Contact Lenses And All The Misconceptions Exposed

Decorating your eyes with coloured contact lenses is quite the popular trend nowadays. Coloured lenses have provided us with the opportunity to change our eye colour or just enhance the natural eye colour yet still look completely natural. They are truly amazing if you ask me, that too at such affordable prices. Makeup and hair styling is a great way of enhancing your overall appearance, but in the end it is the eyes that do the talking. That is why you need a pair of coloured contact lenses at your side to help you out keep up with the fashion trends and stay ahead of the pack.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who are rather afraid of using coloured contact lenses because of some stupid rumours and misconceptions. Yes, you heard me, most of what you have heard are just stupid misconceptions that you don’t need to hear. So we are going to list down some of the rumours that you should know.

Misconception 1 – Your eyes will get damaged by using coloured contact lenses

Coloured contact lenses have been out there for a long time now and a huge population all around the world are using them without any issues. Have you ever thought of that? To cap it off, coloured contact lenses are authorised by higher authorities and doctors also prescribe to people with vision problems.

Of course, these are medical devices as you are going to wear them on your eyes. That requires for you to follow certain rules and precautions to use them safely. You should not be careless, too much carelessness will certainly lead to something dangerous. So only if you are criminally negligent then you are going to hurt yourself like the case is with everything else.

Misconception 2 – Purchasing Coloured Lenses online is dangerous

Again this is quite the rumour that needs to be quashed before it grows any bigger. There are so many online stores selling quality coloured contact lenses that you would not believe. If they are selling low quality lenses then they must have been shut down by now or customers would refrain from buying their products.

Fortunately, that is not the case, not in the slightest, there are many online stores where you can find a variety of high quality and safe coloured contact lenses.

All you have to do is do your research and find the best online store so that you can get the best product in the market.

Misconception 3 – They look Unnatural on Your Eyes

Again, if you only buy low quality coloured lenses then of course they are going to let you down on almost every occasion. They are not just dangerous for your health, but they lack everything else.

That said, high quality coloured contact lenses are known for producing beautiful looks naturally. These lenses have a coloured tint that has lines and patterns and colour shades like that of our eyes. Once you wear them, they will blend in perfectly with our eyes and give off that amazing look. Unlike any other cosmetic product coloured contact lenses look perfectly natural.

Misconception 4 – Coloured contact lenses will not allow you to wear makeup

That is not true as well. Of course,you have to be careful about applying the makeup while wearing coloured contact lenses. First, you have to wear the lenses and then apply makeup, rule of thumb. Also, you can buy a specially made makeup kit to be used alongside coloured contact lenses. So yeah, you can apply makeup very easily with coloured contact lenses.

Misconception5 – They’re Uncomfortable

That is only possible if you have bought low quality contact lenses or you may have not taken proper care of these lenses. That said coloured contact lenses are required to be cleaned and taken care of properly so that they won’t cause discomfort. All you have to do is clean them after every use. If you have switched from regular lenses to coloured lenses, then you may feel irritation because of the coloured tint. That is not something to be worried about, you will get used to it in a few hours.

Coloured contact lenses are made to provide extreme comfort as they have more water content in them and softer material. These coloured lenses are very comfortable and easy to use.

These are some of the myths that are flying nowadays and need to be straightened out. So if you are looking to change your eye colour, then coloured contact lenses are the best option for you.

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