Relationship Coaching

Is your relationship working the way you both want it to?
Could you use some safe, confidential, professional help? Do you:

  • Keep getting into conflicts?
  • Have difficult decisions to make or problems you can’t solve?
  • Feel unheard or misunderstood by your partner?
  • Know that communication and trust has broken down?
  • Feel dissatisfied, frustrated or bored?

Perhaps it’s time to try Relationship CoachingWhat’s the benefit?

  • Learn practical ways to resolve problems, make decisions, and stop arguing.
  • Get new perspectives on your issues: understand why you behave the way you do.
  • Live together more peacefully and harmoniously.
  • Create a more vibrant and consistently satisfying partnership.
  • Feel more heard, respected, acknowledged, valued, and loved.

Who are we?We have a different approach to working on relationship issues. You meet with two of us, male and female. We bring to coaching our experience of working through issues as a couple to improve our own relationship. We combine this with formal training and experience of working with people to create a professional approach that is empathetic, creative and flexible.

Our qualifications include coaching, NLP, facilitation, hypnotherapy, and co-counselling
We run trainings and workshops and have extensive experience of working with groups, couples and individuals to help them communicate and relate more effectively.

What’s different about this way of working? It’s Coaching rather than CounsellingCoaching uses powerful tools and techniques to help you understand issues and feelings, then to clarify options and make effective plans. You learn a lot about yourself and your relationship… what motivates you, what gets you stuck, what’s not working, what you most value, why you and your partner react the way you do, what you really want and what it will be like when you get it… New insights will help you to communicate better together and to make the changes you want, as individuals and in your relationship. We will guide, support and encourage you. There will be space for feelings, and support for you both when strong emotions are expressed.
What happens? 
We offer a Free Consultation of about 30 minutes: a chance to meet us and see how we work. If you want to go ahead, we give you a confidential questionnaire to complete. The first session is a Relationship Review of up to 2 hours. Together we define issues and agree objectives – what you want to change. Initial coaching may cover strategies, techniques and ways forward. We send you a summary of the session that includes our ideas and suggestions about the most useful areas to work on to achieve your objectives. What then? Sometimes a single meeting can ‘unstick’ and move forward the relationship. Usually it takes more time, so we commit to an agreed number of further coaching sessions.
Throughout the coaching we help you explore and understand difficulties, support you to express your feelings, and help clarify your options for moving forward. We encourage you to identify your own resources so you can come through current issues to achieve a more satisfying life, both as individuals and as a couple. What Now? If you’d like to book a consultation, or ask any questions, email