Coaching Fitness Check

Not sure yet about making the commitment to working with a coach? Not sure yet what kind of help you need?

Why not try our Coaching Fitness Check? It’s a one-off individual session with no obligation. After you’ve done it you’ll feel much clearer about what comes next.

It works like this:

We arrange a time to meet together. We send you a couple of forms that help you get clearer about what you want  and what sort of issues you face. You send them back, then we meet for an hour at the arranged time. 
You get to explain what’s going on in your life and what the main challenges are. Also to get a feel for coaching and how it works. Your coach gets to know you a bit and to assess how coaching might help you. 
Afterwards you get a report summarising the meeting, with your coach’s thoughts and recommendations for how to take things forward. You are entirely free to decide what you want to do next. 
This one-off process has helped a lot of people to move forward and make decisions. The fitness check – including preparation, coaching session, and follow-up – is currently great value at just £25.

Contact us for availability, or click the button below to book your session now.