Coaching Services

Welcome to Suffolk Coaching services:

  • Want to learn basic coaching skills? Or develop your coaching to a higher level? See Learn to be a Coach! for our coach training courses.
  • Come to one of our Workshops… they’re fun, lively, and packed with ideas and techniques to help you live a more satisfying and enjoyable life.
  • Stuck on a problem, handling a tough situation, facing a big change, can’t work out what you want? Individual Coaching can help you. Not quite sure yet? Try the Fitness Check first.
  • Need to work with your partner on your relationshipCoaching for Couples.
  • Need a safe way to handle your emotions? Have a look at Co-Counselling or PSN. 
  • Already a coach and want to work on real-life issues with others? See Group Coaching for details of our practice group, or information about structured group coaching with action learning.

And if you’ve still not found what you want here, do let us know. We may be able to help, or to refer you to someone who can.